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  • COVID-19 News

    26 March at 11:21 from atlas

    Hi Customers,

    Please note Laser Innovations Ltd will remain open for businesses to support other essential businesses, as New Zealand has moved to Level 4 in response to Covid-19 (novel coronavirus).

    During this time:

    ·  Please understand that we can only supply to essential businesses. We will be operating on limited hours to provide this.

    ·  Orders from government-defined "essential businesses" are processed and manufactured as soon as possible

    ·  If you are an overseas client, we kindly request that you provide us with additional information informing us of the necessity of the requested product so that we may seek exception permission to manufacture your product

    ·  We will have strict new rules to avoid the spread

    ·  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, orders or comments

    ·  Duration Level 3 & 4 alert, there is a strict no contact policy in place for the safety of us and customers

    ·  Please email, courier or send your requirements and material via the official couriers which are fully operating

    ·  We operate under New Zealand law and regulations, and these may change as time goes on.  For updates please check this link: New Zealand Coronavirus Information For Business

    ·  WE CANNOT MAKE ANY EXCEPTIONS, as this would risk the lives of New Zealanders and is also a punishable offence by New Zealand law.

    The health of our staff and community is the number one priority and we look forward to getting back to business and back to our normal lives as soon as we can.
    We wish you all the best keep yourselves and your families safe and well.